D2L Brightspace How-To

BSU online courses are delivered via D2L Brightspace software.

What is D2L Brightspace?

D2L Brightspace (or simply D2L, short for “Desire 2 Learn”) is interactive software that allows you to use your computer and other devices to receive and submit assignments, 小组合作, explore advanced learning options and interact with your instructors and other distance learners. You receive access to the software when you register for BSU online courses.

How do I get started using D2L Brightspace?

If you are enrolled at BSU, you have access to a comprehensive Student D2L Brightspace Orientation in your D2L account. Access it here with your StarID and password.

Also, the 明尼苏达州 system has developed a comprehensive D2L Brightspace help site here.

Is there a D2L Brightspace orientation?

为什么是的,有! Access the BSU D2L Brightspace orientation by logging in to your D2L account, selecting the class from the course selector in the top menu. The orientation is interactive and has several helpful videos. Some courses require that you take and pass the orientation before you can complete the requirements of the class. Check your class syllabi to be sure.

If you don’t see the orientation in your list of courses, you can self-register for this free training:

  1. In the upper left of the D2L home page, click the 自己注册 link.
  2. 单击 BSU STUDENT ORIENTATION to D2L Brightspace link.
  3. 点击 注册提交完成完成.
  4. On the D2L home page and in every course, there is a HelpLinks widget on the right side of the page with several links.

If you are new to D2L, you may find the following videos helpful:
For more D2L videos, click here

How do I get technical help if needed?

You’ll find the support you need from the BSU Help Desk, which responds to questions via e-mail, 电话, or in person from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM (Central Time) Monday through Friday.

Local: (218) 755-3777
Toll-free: (888) 240-4759

How do online courses compare with on-campus courses?

Academic excellence is always high priority. Our online programs offer the same standards of excellence in faculty and curriculum as you find in our traditional classrooms.

Many of our online courses are certified through a rigorous peer-review process called Quality Matters. Learn more about Quality Matters at BSU here.

Required credits are also consistent between programs offered on campus and through 扩展学习. This allows you to start as a traditional student and later become a distance learner or vice versa (depending on your major program). 分配项目, reading and other requirements are often identical to requirements for traditional programs. 除了, our online undergraduate and graduate programs are fully accredited and transfer to other institutions in the same way as traditional courses.

Which courses are available online?

Find online courses by using the 课程表. Choose the term, the subject, then choose “distance” in the location drop-down menu.